Volume 1, Number 1 of the student newspaper appeared on opening day, Sept. 11, 1961. It contains initial enrollment figures and membership of the Leadership Team that established traditions. Click on the image to read.

0ctober 29, 1961, Volume 1, number 2 was the first paper to bear the name Spartan Scroll. Click on the page above to view that issue and three others from the Fall '61 semester. Enrollment is 956.

February 23, 1962, Volume 1, Number 5. Enrollment has risen to 1107. This is the first issue of the Spring '62 semester. Click below to see that semester's papers.

Fall '62. Click on the page


Scholars shine in '64 Click on the photo for successes.

Fall '61 sports standouts standouts feted at first banquet. Click on the picture

Click on the page for old news in the Olive Branch

January 24, 1962 advertisement

November 22, 1961.

March 23, 1962.