old San Fernando High


An extraordinary document of service

At least 1700 men and women who had attended or worked at San Fernando High School served in the military during World War II. At least 63 perished. A 57-page record of their service was included in the 1945-'46 school yearbook. You may have known some of them. Perhaps you still know some. Click below to see the full record:


Al Arps, center, was the coach of the 1946 track team. In front of him is another future San Fernando councilman, J.B. Van Sickle. Ray Follosco, second from bottom left, may have coached at Olive Vista. Other boys sports that year were football, basketball, softball, gymnastics and tennis.

Girls played hockey, speedball, basketball, baseball and tennis and had "Play Day" with Van Nuys and Verdugo Hills.

The 1946 yearbook, named "The Black and Gold" that year, was a 50th anniversary issue, commemorating the 1896 founding of San Fernando High on the second floor of this building at Fifth and Hager Streets. Morningside School began here in the 1880s and occupied the other floor. St. Simon's Episcopal Church is located at this spot now.

A new property was acquired for the high school in 1906. San Fernando Junior High, aka Middle School, is there now.

By 1931 the school was well developed. Sunland is seen in the distance and Pacoima is mostly unoccupied.

Grades 7 through 12 went to school here before the high school moved to its present site in the 1950s.

The following pictures include some students or teachers who later taught at Sylmar High or Olive Vista Junior High.

Mr. Kuechal was a choir director

Clement Cox

Former Sylmar art teacher Arthur Hernandez, left was a student and played on the 1945 bee football team coached by Al Arps. See also a photo on the Reminiscing page.